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We arrange all types of Safari In Tanzania such as Exclusive Private Safari ,Honeymoon safaris, Traditional Weddings ceremony, Village Walking Safari, Mount Kilimanjaro tours, and Zanzibar beach holiday.  Njofu Expeditions is practically and gradually Skyrocketing for creating well-designed itineraries to discover the world’s famous Great Wildebeest Migration Trends combined together with Ngorongoro Crater The 8th Natural Wonder of The World while spicing up your trip with Zanzibar beach excursion. We aim higher  to achieve this by getting you up close and personal touch with Tanzania’s eclectic array of both flora and faune species in their natural habitat. Extending our experience from Baobab tree in Tarangire  to the Big Five Animals  in Serengeti pioneering the journey of a lifetime


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This is our home: Tanzania, where wildlife entwines with village life in the country’s untouched reaches. Be awed by the vast acacia-dotted plains and magnificent sunsets of the Serengeti. Travel alongside migrating wildebeest, observe the behavior of elephant families, browsing giraffes and colorful birds, and listen to the roar of distant lions as you sleep safely. This is Tanzania, our home, where wildlife and village life often endure side by side in places reached only by dirt track or footpaths

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We offer all types of safari tours and experiences from the great wildebeest migration, honeymoon, family, trekking and all other types of safaris.