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About us

Njofu Expedition is an esteemed tour operator company based in Arusha, Tanzania, East Africa. Established in 2006, Njofu Expedition was born out of a desire to provide customized and tailored experiences in the tourism industry, catering to the unique needs of every explorer. Over the years, our dedicated team has had countless remarkable encounters with wildlife and the stunning highlands of Tanzania.

At Njofu Expedition, we have had the privilege of transforming lives by introducing travelers to the wonders of the continent, creating moments of joy, and fostering cherished memories. Our shared passion for exploration drives us to create exceptional East Africa Safari Schedules, including visits to Tanzania’s beautiful national parks, cultural tours, walking safaris, Mount Meru and Mount Kilimanjaro climbs, and beachside escapes in Zanzibar. These experiences are meticulously crafted to meet the highest standards, catering to groups, organizations, families, and individuals alike. Whether you seek leisure, honeymoon, or business travel, our offerings encompass all facets of travel within the region.

Allow Njofu Expedition to guide you on a captivating adventure, unveiling the wildlife and remarkable landscapes of Tanzania, from the iconic Kilimanjaro to the vast Serengeti and the enchanting shores of Zanzibar. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, we guarantee an unforgettable journey filled with exploration, discovery, and authentic experiences.

Our Success Team

Anderson Moses | Senior Guide

Anderson is a Senior Guide of Njofu Expeditions. With a passion for adventure and a deep love for nature, he leads our team in creating unforgettable and transformative experiences in the world of outdoor exploration.

Moses Kaaya | Senior Guide

Moses Kaaya is a highly experienced senior guide at Njofu Expeditions, fluent in both English and German. With his extensive knowledge of the wilderness and excellent communication skills, Moses ensures our guests have a remarkable and immersive outdoor adventure.

Miraji Baran | Guide

Miraji Baran is a dedicated guide at Njofu Expeditions, passionate about sharing his love for nature and adventure with guests. With his expert knowledge of the local landscapes and wildlife, Miraji provides insightful and enriching experiences, making every journey memorable and exciting.

Gabriel | Guide

Gabriel, a skilled guide at Njofu Expeditions, seamlessly blends his expertise in outdoor exploration, deep appreciation for Tanzania's natural wonders, and commitment to personalized service, ensuring unforgettable experiences for our valued travelers.

Emmanuel | Guide

Emmanuel, an experienced guide at Njofu Expeditions, combines his passion for wildlife, extensive knowledge of Tanzania's landscapes, and dedication to customer satisfaction to curate captivating and educational journeys for our adventurous travelers.


Why Choose Us

Our Vehicles

Njofu Expeditions has a fleet of specially-equipped 4-wheel drive Stretched Land Cruisers that provide optimum flexibility, comfort, and wildlife watching opportunities. For the length of your safari, you will have exclusive use of this vehicle with no mileage restrictions and unrestricted game drives. Our roomy Stretched Land Cruisers are the ultimate safari vehicle, with nine seats in total, seven of which are located in the back under the canvas top. Our canvas convertible tops let you see nature with the fewest restrictions and in the most natural and unrestricted way possible.

Our Guides

All our guides speak Multi – Language. Most of our guides are experienced and they are all skilled, knowledgeable and well trained about East African Destinations.