The Olmoti Crater

Ngorongoro Conservation Area

At the highlands of the great Ngorongoro Crater inside the Ngorongoro Conservation Area  is where you can find The Olmoti Crater. This small Crater called Olmoti is covered by green grass as most part of Ngorongoro Conservation is due to the climates in this area..

Olmoti Crater in Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tanzania.

The Olmoti Crater is in Northern Ngorongoro Conservation Area, lying at the altitude of about 3,088 meters. The Olmoti means Cooking Pot in native Maasai language, it’s the extinct Volcano in Ngorongoro. Olmoti Crater floor covered with grassy home to many grazing wild animals like eland, reed buck, buffalo, and bush buck along with Maasai livestock. Water falling down from a spring inside the Crater forms a wonderful spectacular waterfall which flows from the Crater wall crossing the caldera down over the cliffs falling some hundreds of meters into the steep side ravine to form Munge river. Munge River offers fresh water for Ngorongoro Conservation Area people and  wildlife,it also feed swamps and Lake Magadi in the Ngorongoro Crater floor.

The Olmoti Crater can be accessed through Nainokanoka at Maasai village also in Ngorongoro Conservation Area, here is where the walk will start from Nainokanoka ranger post passing through the forest up to the top of the waterfall. Back from Olmoti you can see the depression that is formed when slopes of Olmoti, Empakai, Lolmalasin and Losirua volcanoes (all these are Maasai names) joined with the outer rim of Ngorongoro Crater in Ngorongoro Conservation Area. There is small basin called Embulbul depression which collects and provides a sink for a good deal of water that appears lower down at the foot of the mountains.

What to do at Olmoti Crater in Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

At the Olmoti Crater walking and trekking activities around the crater rim and its forest are spectacular but must guide by an armed ranger. The trekking normally takes about 3 hours however it is still possible to have a longer trek from Olmoti Crater to Salei plains ,the longer you trekk the more you can see the wonders of Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

You can let us know if you wish to include this area during your safari in Tanzania.

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