The Kenya coast is covered with white sandy as well as beach lined with palm trees, warm sea, aquamarine life, coral reef, golden sandy dunes making a haven for the perfect holiday.
This region is also rich in history, dating back over one thousand years optimized by the Vasco da Gama pillars and Fort Jesus. It also offers same of East African`s most idyllic tropical gateways. Watamu has good option for a beach break and mixture of culture of Malind and fishing villages. Stretching further to Lamu Archipelago best Kenya beaches where empty pristine beaches stretch for miles and you can enjoy the laid back bare foot luxury that make Kenya such attractive beach destination and the perfect complement for safari goes.

The freshwater and soda lakes of the Rift-Valley in Kenya bid some remarkable setting, a chance for recreation, and some unusual features such as steaming hot springs. This region is well known as homes for many bird species famously for flamingos and many mammal species too. For example Lake Nakuru National Park is famous for its leopard sightings

Kenya’s Northern Highlands) This area starts from the Matthews Range in the north of Kenya down to Nairobi in the south, and borders the Rift Valley to the west. Lakipia Plateau stretch north from the Abadare Mountain to start of Samburu National Reserve. This area include some of the country best game viewing areas in Africa include the famouseLewa Downs Conservancy. Buffalo Spring and Meru National Park are a completely different story, attracts few package tours and therefore remains fairly untouched.

This Circuit is home to a stunning array and exceptional density of big game, Kenya’s Masai Mara absolutely justifies its status as one of Africa’s most famous parks. Boasting all the big five and frequent sightings of predators, the quality of the wildlife viewing here is truly outstanding.
With its staggering backdrop of Mount Kilimanjaro, Amboseli National Park is one of the most photographed wildlife areas in the world. Huge elephant herds stroll across the plains in front of the snow-capped peak of Kilimanjaro Mountain in some of the best-recognized and iconic shots on the planet.